DIY Instant* Ramen


Nothing busts a cold better than chicken noodle soup, right? Or, maybe you don’t eat meat and are more into something with mushrooms? I feel ya. And I’m here to say there’s no need to keep your soup hidden. Wanna let that slurpy-good broth do its magic where it’s needed most? Wanna fend off your co-workers’ zombie cold with the power of garlic and ginger and all things good? This DIY “instant” ramen is just the ticket for making sure you’re no office sickie.


OK, so this is about as instant as any pre-prepared meal. But there’s still something about the process that retains the satisfaction of something truly instantaneous. Layer ingredients in a jar, whack it in the fridge and in the morning you’re good to go. By the time lunch rolls around all you have to do is cover everything with boiling water and watch last night’s layering effort transform into a comforting soupy mess.IMG_5887

This general idea has been around for a while. Six months ago it was all over the internet. But what was I gonna do with it then, back in the middle of southern hemisphere summer? Shoot it into the sun as an offering? Yes. I’ve made two versions: one with chicken and soy, one with oyster mushrooms and miso. Finding a good chilli sauce and some packaged stock that is somewhere between a liquid and solid makes for a good foundation. But the possibilities are figuratively limitless. I’d get as much of this into you over the next couple of months, to steel your body for the annual round of spring sniffles, as you can.


1/2 tsp sesame oil
chilli sauce to taste (I used an amazing sauce from the markets near my mum’s house)
splash of soy or tsp of miso
1 tsp grated ginger
1 clove garlic, grated
stock in jelly form – enough for 1/4-1/2 litre
fresh noodles for one
asian greens
ribboned carrot
sautéed mushrooms or cooked chicken
coriander (optional)

Mix together stock with wet ingredients, ginger and garlic in bottom of large-ish jar. Add chicken or mushrooms (I didn’t follow this order, oops!). Then add noodles. Top with veggies and coriander. Refrigerate. When ready to eat, set aside herbs and submerge all ingredients. Mix everything around so the wet ingredients dissolve and top with coriander. Go sit in the sun and enjoy your lunch break, baby!

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